ASA AZ Membership Renewals

Current ASA Arizona Members, the NEW ANNUAL RENEWAL DATE for all members will be July 1st of each year.

The amount you owe at this time is a pro-rated amount to pay your membership up to the new annual renewal date of July 1. On that date all members will receieve an electronic statement to pay your annual membership for July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021.

As we move towards a paperless system which help to save on supplies and postage costs your electronic renewal will have directions on how to make all your future payments.

Thank you for working along side us as we continue to update or services and contact with you!

Diana DeLeon

NAPA Auto Care

PO Box 81517, Phoenix, AZ 85069 | (602) 910-0081

PO Box 81517, Phoenix

AZ 85069 | (602) 910-0081